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P0 Error Code



  • Jonathan Rhau


    I have a P0 error code and the wall unit are stuck on Defrost when trying to heat up. The outside fan is not moving at all. My air pression was low and was re-adjust by an HVAC tech. However, still having the same issue where I cannot heat up.

    On the Cooling or Fan mode, I feel air coming out of the wall unit, so that would rule out the indoor fan motor issue.

    The unit was working good for a couple of year (3-4), so that would rule out the wiring mistake.

    The Outisde fan is not moving at all on any mode and at any temperature. Can I assume my issue is the Fan motor?

    Or is there still a possibility that the circuit board is defective when only the Heat mode is not working?

  • Douglas Chumbley

    I have a 12000 BTU Sennville Heat pump with PO error. Found it was the compressor connector had over heated and melted the three wires together. You have to remove the top and remove the electronic board module out of the way to get at it. I cleaned the three wires and tighten the push on clips and taped them with electrical tape to insulate them.

    It seems to me that the connector didn't connect right from the Factory. Started and is running  fine now.

    I ohmed the compressor when I got the connections cleaned up and got 2.1 reading on blue black, red black,blue red. and No grounding on any wire.  

  • Phillimon Joe

    I have a gree multi vrf AC unit consist of one outdoor and 6 indoor units,when I turn it on error cord H2 and 2 minutes later P0 appear on my controller then my outdoor unit compressor with motor was off. I did reset the main circuit breaker but still not ok,still P0 error. Can you tell me what the problem was and what I will do to fix it?


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